What is Peaberry coffee?

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What is Peaberry coffee?

A peaberry occurs when the coffee cherry produces one seed, rather than the usual two seeds with their flat fronts facing inwards towards each other, and their round back facing outwards. This natural mutation occurs in 5-10% of harvests globally, and in the Tanzanian context (our Ebony & Ivory roasts) it occurs in around 7% of the harvest.

The extra space, as a result of the one ovule failing, sees the single seed develop larger and rounder inside. Peaberries are usually considered denser than normal ‘flat’ berries, and while their rounder shape can impact their roast profiles, there hasn’t been sufficient substantive evidence as yet to their shape being a differentiator for their quality versus the ‘flat’ berries in the same harvest.

One cannot tell from looking at a coffee cherry whether it has one or two seeds inside, so Peaberries are usually sorted during the post-harvest process, often by size using a sieve.

In summary, a peaberry is not a variety of coffee – but a description of the actual coffee bean, that naturally occurs on all coffee varieties and trees, as well as across all regions. It tends to be more well known in certain areas, such as Tanzania.

Click here to learn more: https://perfectdailygrind.com/2020/03/what-are-peaberry-coffee-beans-the-myths-the-reality/

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