Single Origin vs Blends

What is the difference between a single origin coffee and a blend?

From a food and drink perspective, this question is similar to that posed of wines and whiskies, with an answer that is also similar: a single origin allows you to more easily appreciate the flavours and nuances of a particular region/soil/altitude/season – whereas a blend  allows you to more easily appreciate a consistent experience, the blending processes enable a balancing and refining of natural differences – highlighting a slightly different skill: that of the blender.

Another example to use, is the appreciation of music. We can enjoy a soloist performing unaccompanied and be enthralled by the unique delivery of each note, and we can enjoy a symphony orchestra performing together to the conductor’s baton.

In both cases, enjoyment is most important. This can be further enhanced by the appreciation of underlying factors, for example  – the particular altitude or harvest of a batch of single origin coffee, the particular blend of roast profiles and beans a roaster uses for her blend. The more you know, the more you will enjoy our African coffees – be they our blend or our single origins!

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The Afronaut Blend

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