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Coffee Essentials

Ideas for pairing your coffee with food

Here are tips to pair your coffee with food: Match the intensity: If your coffee is strong, pair it with a food that can stand up to it, such as dark chocolate or a bold cheese. Complement flavours: Think about the flavours in your coffee and look for foods that …
Coffee Essentials

Coffee to delight your palate

How to find the best coffee to delight your palate! Explore different regions: Coffees from different regions have unique flavour profiles. If you're new to coffee or want to try something different, explore coffees from different regions to find the flavour profile that you prefer. Consider the roast level: Different …
Coffee Essentials

Single Origin vs Blends

What is the difference between a single origin coffee and a blend?From a food and drink perspective, this question is similar to that posed of wines and whiskies, with an answer that is also similar: a single origin allows you to more easily appreciate the flavours and nuances of a …
Coffee Essentials

What is Peaberry coffee?

Coffee Essentials What is Peaberry coffee? A peaberry occurs when the coffee cherry produces one seed, rather than the usual two seeds with their flat fronts facing inwards towards each other, and their round back facing outwards. This natural mutation occurs in 5-10% of harvests globally, and in the Tanzanian context (our …
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